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Fresh juicy greens straight from the garden,

salad with small crunchy sweet pickles with sour cream in which a spoon does not sink

fresh, still warm milk, just straight out  the cows, 

fragrant, amber honey gathered from meadow grass, hard-working bees hot summer, 

crisp, boiled in the pot, potatoes with dill and sweet butter, 

homemade, with garlic and pepper, fried sausage on the coals, smelling bluish, fragrant smoke,

rich fish soupe on the fire from frish fish with fragrant spices according to the ancient recipe,

skewers of lamb or pilaf or outdoors,

Golden, piping heat pancakes with sour cream or fried chanterelles with onions

pickled milk mushrooms and saffron milk cap mushrooms with garlic and sunflower oil,

smoked fatty tench or grilled to a crisp the redeye in the test ...


All this and other organic products grown in natural conditions will help to diversify your table.