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        Country manor  "Belteremok" is located on the banks of the Berezina river (East) is the one of the longest and full-flowing rivers in Belarus. In the waters of the Berezina  are: tench, pike, perch, roach, bream, burbot, crucian carp, silver bream, bleak. The river is rich in valuable species of fish. The are the pike perch, Chub, trout, nase, sheatfish. It is therefore not surprising that one of the main activities of our property is fishing on Berezina. 

In literally 50 metres from the house, with a fairly steep bank down to the water, the sloping approaches, but acceptable and immediately starts quiet backwater places covered with reeds and bushes, where one can hear the bursts which perch chasing fry. In the sun, sparkling in ripples of small waves raised sometimes slight, lazy breeze warms up a gaggle of small gudgeons, by floats majestically fat ide, from under the driftwood a smal pike observes for all with interest.


It is possible not to go, promising place, quiet, it is protected from western winds by a high slope of the shore, but if there is a will, there is an inflatable boat "Bark". driver's license not required.
On the boat you can always swim there, where the shore fishing is almost impossible, it is possible to expose mugs, cast a donkey, and just sometimes nice to sit with a fishing rod alone with nature away from all. Very good results in Zatoka gives spin fishing, confidently fish pike, pikeperch, ASP, perch and sometimes even catfish.

In the evening you can relax by the roaring campfire with a bubbling pot of soup and enjoying views of the slowly setting sun, watching as the last fading rays, rising currents of warm air swirls carefree midges, and leisurely floating in the silence of the fog.

Night descends, becomes cold and chilly after sunset, only a 3 minute walk and you are in a warm, heated
home with all creature comforts, with WI-Fi, satellite TV with the latest news in the world, a hot shower,  the Internet. 

For extremists and the romantics and all those who like to sleep outdoors, under the open, starry sky, always in the presence of the tent.

Even if you come just to relax, but then suddenly changed his mind and decided to go fishing, we will help to organize and hold this event, we will prompt fish places, help to process the catch, smoke, freeze, or cook fish in the manor ready-made meals to your return so as not to distract you from this exciting class. Well, if you don't have any snap or need more fishing rods, kettles, tents, don't despair you can always take it with us for rent. 2016