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        The manor Belteremok is located on picturesque one of the largest rivers of Belarus - Berezina, nearby to the pine relict wood supplying with christal pure air this small resort the year round. The affinity to a waterway and large forests, to ancient and most beautiful places is opened with wide prospects for your productive leisure.
        In territory of manor there is a parking on 4 cars, two two-storeyed wooden houses in which can be placed comfortably simultaneously up to 10 person. Each house is supplied by a waterpipe, has a bathroom with shower cabine and the hot water, completely equipped kitchen with a induction cooker, a greater, spacious refrigerator and a microwave, the TV with satellite channels, DVD a player from a karaoke and the musical center.
        In the second floor is allocated a spacious bedroom with beds from a natural tree, suitable for a comfortable arrangement up to 5 person, with a convenient exit on a balcony where it is possible in the evening watching change paints beautiful sunset accompanied with singing of birds and chirping of cicadas, and to drink a cup fragrant to tea.
        In a court yard there is a place equipped for preparation of shish kebabs or a barbecue. Here it is possible to bake in a foil a fish with seasonings or weld in pot rich delicious to fish soup. On the nature and open-air, under tender whiff of a summer breeze and crackling of a campfire, turn out the unsurpassed dishes which have absorbed in a smell of a natural smoke and meadow grasses not going in any comparison with daily food.
       Fine kinds nature places reserve of the protogenic nature, pure air, natural products, absence of city noise and turmoil will leave about themselves warm memoirs and the desire ever to return here again. 2016